We offer assistance with the carriage of international packages right to your doorstep. From individuals to corporations, no package is too small.

We help you deal with your cargo from start to finish ; offering first to final mile services, straight to your door.

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About Us

Safe, Faster And Easy Solution For Shipping

We are innovative and adaptable and serve a multitude of persons, from small businesses to individuals and  large corporations. We also guarantee to work to make every transaction with us, smooth and seamless.

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Logistics Services We Offer


We handle deliveries to and from locations connected by land. This is mostly in the UK and EU locations.

Ocean Freight

We handle deliveries to and from locations separated by oceans. Sea freight is preferred for shipping large bulky and heavy items This is perfect for vehicles, large equipment parts and heavy boxes that are not time sensitive.

Air Freight

Air freight is the fastest form of transportation around the world. We handle packages by air to your required destination. Our valet service assists with in person and online purchases, and consolidation of several packages to be shipped as one by air. This usually takes 2-5 working days

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We are committed to keeping you updated on your shipments consistently till they are safely delivered to you.


The end Goal is to ensure the safe delivery of shipping packages and consignments, to you in a timely manner.

Our Goal ? - To help you reach yours , logistics wise. Every time.

We at Everest Global Carriers execute our business at peak performance levels, dedicated to ensuring an effortless business relationship with our customers.

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Everest Global Carriers

  • We can assist you with your cargo by providing a range of solutions for your business and personal needs.
  • Air solutions for your time sensitive packages..
  • Sea freight solutions for your bulky, less urgent cargo.
  • Get quotes, make cargo bookings to suit your timelines.
  • Add-ons : Customs clearance solutions, Pick up & Delivery.
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Terms And Conditions

Getting Started

  • Email us your:
  1. ,  Full Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4.  Place of work
  5.  Contact details of your contact person outside Ghana (if applicable).
  • Once you complete the account opening procedures, you will be provided with an address to mail packages to, for onward shipping to Ghana. Pickups in the New York or Tri-State Area are available at a fee as well as the Greater London and EU areas(Please email or call any of our contact numbers for details).
  • Email correspondence is our preferred mode of communication, as they can easily be referred to and are convenient for record keeping purposes. You will receive updates about the status of your shipment(s) as well as delivery logistics, to the email address you provide.
  • Items bought on your behalf cannot be returned once shipped out (unless customer is prepared to bear the cost) and cannot be cancelled 24 hours after purchase. Packages shipped to Ghana and not claimed will be given to charity after thirty [30] days.


  • Customers are given an option to purchase insurance to safeguard against any loss or damage that can occur in transit. Purchasing insurance ensures that you are reimbursed in FULL, in the event of any loss or damage to packages.
  • The Company, in any event, will not be liable for any theft, loss, damage or delay caused by circumstances outside the Company’s control, including but not limited to: perils of the air or sea, natural disasters/force majeure, acts of omission or pilfering (by authorities or statutory bodies such as customs, police, immigration and quarantine who have actual or apparent authority) civil unrest, airline or ocean liner inadequacies, adverse weather conditions, or in recent times, delays caused by pandemics.
  • The Customer must be aware that Everest Global Carriers and its warehouses receive packages as they come. The Company is not liable for packages that are not purchased by our Personal Shopping option.

Limited Liability

Everest Global Carriers is a conduit for shipping only.sBy using this service, you must understand that the Company does not acquire goods on behalf of the customer, unless specifically requested of Everest Global Carriers’ Personal Shopping option. This ensures that the Company is indemnified against occurrences that may happen while the customer acquires said good.

  • Due to an increase in fraud, the Company may have to perform an extensive check validating the authenticity of the orders. This may include verification of billing and cardholder information, verification of valid email and cardholder authorization. Cardholder name and customer name must match or there must be evidence of relation to the cardholder, or permission granted by the cardholder in the form of a valid government issued ID.
  • The names Customers use to sign up must match any names used in communication via electronic or physical mediums. The same names used for sign up must also be government issued, to again reduce chances of any fraudulent activity. Should customers give permission to third parties to accept/pick up packages on the Customer’s behalf, said permission must be given in writing and names provided must match Government issued Identification. Acceptable forms of identification include: Valid Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License.
  • In extreme cases, Authorities may have to get involved. Please keep in mind that these steps we take are as much for your security as ours.

Right Of Inspection

  • Everest Global Carriers reserves the right to inspect contents of packages for verification of its contents, and for safety and security once the package(s) reach our warehouse. Packages mailed to the Company warehouse or dropped off for shipment are deemed to be received as reported.
  • The Company is not liable for discrepancies in packages sent by third parties. The Customer’s shipment may also be subject to inspection by authorities/statutory bodies at the airport or port of origin and/or port of destination. In the event that concerns are raised by these authorities, the Customer will be informed in order for them to address said concerns.


  • Everest Global Carriers reserves the right to refuse entry into designated areas of our premises for either legal/statutory/health/safety reasons. Verbal, physical or psychological abuse of our staff or representatives will not be accepted and the Company continues to reserve the right to seek legal redress and or civil compensation in the event that such abuses occur.


  • Packages remain in the Company’s possession for 30 (thirty)days. The company reserves the right to dispose of unclaimed packages after the above-stated number of days. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage to any packages in our designated storage areas even if storage charges have been paid. Again, after 30 days, unclaimed packages will be disposed of with or without the customer’s knowledge.

Customs Clearance

  • By making Everest Global Carriers your conduit, you hereby appoint the Company as your agents for customs clearance and certify the Company as the consignees for the shipments. It is however the Customer’s responsibility to provide proper documentation and confirmation where required and requested.

  • The Customer is responsible for knowledge of government regulations or authorities of any country, to or from which your shipment may be carried. The Company will not be liable for any goods taken, partially or fully, by any state officials or authority figures who have actual or apparent authority.


  • The Company deems this contract of Terms and Conditions to be legally binding upon acceptance of signing up with Everest Global Carriers. The Company makes no warranties either expressed or implied and reserves the right to amend any of the information in this contract without prior notice.

For any inquiries, give us a call

Our representatives are  more than willing to help with any assistance you may require.

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